For portraiture practice and studies, I have been creating line-art drawings and paintings of my social media friends; I would then present it to them on their birthdays!

This one is of Arwen!  I was elated that she felt honored by it, as intended, and thankful to her for supporting me by allowing me to include it in my online portfolio exhibits.

She has a wonderful “glow” to her that, in honesty, I felt I was unable to capture well.  Nonetheless, while I could have pushed some things farther with it, I do like how the painting turned out!  You may decide for yourself by taking a look at the reference picture I used, here: 

Reference Image of Arwen Smiling

Thank you for stopping by to take a look — I hope you enjoy it!


You may view more details for this and other pieces on its ArtStation logo ArtStation page.

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