Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2020
This scene came together when I started Blender-doodling.  Adding a sphere object, and then some pine […]
3D Skull Study Model
Preview Video of my 3D Modeling Projects at Various Stages of Creation
Image of Hard-Surface Model: Nail Clipper
I created this model to work on my hard-surface modeling techniques in Blender.  It would be […]
Goofy Micro-Organism image
I put together this whimsical guy when a “micro-organism” prompt appeared in one of my art […]
Male Bust Sculpt image
Here is a bust I finished up as I put in some practice with facial anatomy […]
Steele Inspirations - Solar Exploration Vehicle
Earth has progressed to a level of travel between nearby solar systems, some time in the […]
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