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First, let me introduce myself, quickly — my given name is Dan Peck. Hello and Welcome! Come in, have a look around, and I will be here if you need anything. 🙂

The following is brain-dump about how Steele Inspirations came to be, a glimpse at the thoughts and feelings behind it, and where it is currently headed. If you’d like to get right to the point, you may jump down to the “Long story short” section, below.

Steele Inspirations” was born out of a combination of my passion for artistic endeavors and of wanting to offer messages of kindness, compassion, and hope to people.

I have had the handle “SteeleMage” for many many years. How I came up with that one is a story for another time.  So, a little while back, as I sat pondering what my business name should be, I felt those self-inflicted pressures of anxiety at choosing “just the right” one.  Just thinking about turning my hobby into something more serious was scary enough, you know?!  This would become that first step that created motion in that direction.  I had better make it good!

At least, that’s what my mind told me.  I ended up asking myself questions like, “I know I want it to be a venture around being a digital artist.  But, what are my actual goals as an official one?  What is my purpose?” Well, that is obviously a much bigger philosophical question!  But, in the end (or beginning, as it were! Ha!) I decided to just go with my gut, and my instincts drew me to “Inspirations” because I wanted to give hope to people who are struggling.  In some way, offer the world kindness and light, where I was able to.  There are many ways this could manifest itself, of course.  But, there it was.  So, I combined my long-time handle with my self-appointed mission.  Steele Inspirations.

It took me a bit over a year before it really hit me on a new level how I wanted to apply my art to this goal.  I realize it is still actually quite new and will remain dynamic and take on a life of its own as I move forward.  All I have to do is take that next step. And then the next one.  And so on.

I also always asked myself, “How can I possibly give people hope when I, myself, struggle so much with so many fears?” You see, I am not some “master of hope” nor am I – by far! – always positive and happy and full of hope and limitless energy!

So, again… how can I offer hope at times when I may not have it, myself?  Ah.  Well, sometimes my anxiety-mind would tell me, “You can’t!” “Just forget about it.” “You’ll never get there.” “Noone wants to read that stuff.”  “Noone will care.”  “You can do it, but nothing will come of it.”  All kinds of pretty nasty things!

Well, since I started this venture, I have not only constantly worked on my art skills, but I have worked on my self-worth skills.  I have been doing that for a long time, as well.  And at this point, I have many coping mechanisms or tools in my toolbox that I can use when I need to.  Even with those, however, I still found it challenging and difficult, at times.  I just cannot seem to shake the spells of these anxious or so-called “negative” feelings I have!  What am I supposed to do??!

A strange, but “simple” realization hit me as I continued my self-work.  Everyone feels these feelings. “Everyone?!” Yes!!  “You mean I’m not broken because I feel this way and cannot get rid of these feelings?” No, not at all!!  It’s normal!  “Whaat…?!”  Sure, I’ve heard this before. Thought I’d accepted it, but I had not, until recently.  And, what a milestone to realize.  Nowadays, I am learning how to work with my feelings rather than against them!  There’s the hope!  So, if I can give it to myself, I can offer it up for others that are ready, too.

The other major realization was that life flows, not in a nice straight line, but up, down, and even every-which-way sometimes!  That’s just how it works.  Some days feel good, some feel bad.  But, if we can learn how to catch our negative self-talk, that awareness can really help us navigate those shifting waters much easier!

So, you see, my true goals as a Digital Artist, have more to do with the intentions behind the artwork rather than the artwork, itself.

Sometimes it’ll manifest itself as just being able to take a description from one of you, and create a work of art that captures your vision, and feeling the elation both of us get from it!  Or, sometimes, it will be how you might catch a little thing I may say or write that is just what you needed to hear to help you along your life journey.  Sometimes it’s the other way around, and you offer me those words I needed to hear!  You help me to see in a new and positive light where I was blind before. These are all things that keep me going!

Long story short, then, what I want to do is put myself out there more. Show you a vulnerability that helps you as fans and as fellow artists see all those things that are so often hidden behind those amazing-looking final pieces that we see everywhere. The challenges that we, as artists, go through, both in our art skill work, and the mental health struggles that so many of us face. If what I offer can help even a single person feel a little bit better or a little bit more inspired than they were before… everything that led me to this point will have been worth it!

I want to teach the things I can teach, and learn the things I can learn, and build a community of fans and artists where we all grow, together, over time!  Where we can look back, someday, and say “Wow! Look at all we have gone through, and all that we have accomplished, and how we are thriving, and still here, standing by each other!”

Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and looking through, and please drop a “Hello!”  I’d love to meet you.

And, do tell me what you think!  Care to join in on this journey with me??

With Much Love!



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