About Me. About Art.

I love creativity! It is through creative processes that we go deeper within ourselves, find the wonders that exist there, and then express them outwardly, in a way that others can then choose to let a touch of it into their own being.

Art is unbounded. Art is no one thing or medium. To me, art is absolutely anything that a person invests time and energy into. Art is an expression of the person. I feel that artworks are manifestations that contain an actual connection with the person (or persons) that created it, and all the emotions that went into its "recipe" as it was being created. And when you look into the art, you look into the people and what they have infused into the piece, mix it all in with yourself, and thus, the world is changed in that very instant!

It is my hope that I share of my authentic self through my creations, and that they ultimately bring a level of joy and hope to people! That they bring wonder and Inspiration to them — to you!

-==Dan "Steele" Peck==-